Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Emphasis is on the preaching of the Cross of Jesus Christ and His finished work and the need for the baptism of the Holy Spirit!

FRIDAY, MAY 6 - 6:30PM

Evangelist Len Paxton


Pastor Jim Thomas, on the subject of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in other tongues as well as fasting.


Evangelist Len Paxton


Pastor Jim Thomas, 10:30AM Service

Evangelist Len Paxton, 6:30PM Service

Family Christian Fellowship Church.

3301 Lincoln Way East, Fayetteville, PA 17222.


P.O. Box 43, Fayetteville, PA 17222

Phone: 717-401-0362
May 9-14 Spring Battlefield Prayer Tour and TV Taping.......

July 21-26 we will be in Lexington, Virginia.... Location to be announced..

September 17th and 18th Angie and I will be in St. Joseph Mo. to hold meetings at Cross Road Ministries that Saturday and Sunday. For more information please call Pastor Danny King (816)617-5424 or E-mail him at .

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Expecting Opposition and Persecution.: by Len Paxton

Expecting Opposition and Persecution.: by Len Paxton

2 Timothy 3:12-13

12 Yes, and all who will live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. (It is because of the “offence of the Cross” [Gal. 5:11].)

13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse (this problem of seduction in the last days is so acute that the word Paul uses here [seducers] occurs no where else in the New Testament; this means that such an effort is unique to this particular time), deceiving, and being deceived. (Truth opens the door to even more Truth, while deception opens the door to even more deception.)

Swaggart, Jimmy: The Expositor’s Study Bible. Baton Rouge, LA : World Evangelism Press, 2005, S. 2110

The health, wealth, prosperity gospel heresy has deceived many people into thinking that the purpose of Christianity is to provide believers with happy, healthy, prosperous,and trouble free lives. If that is your view of Christianity, then your belief system and your Theology will be greatly shaken when suffering and persecution come your way. Because of the lies of the word of faith extremes in today’s Theology, many believers are tempted to doubt God because suffering and persecution is contrary to what they are taught to expect from the Christian life.

Many are becoming offended with Jesus because of being taught wrongly that they could “Write Their Own Ticket With God.” and that they were in for “Their Best Life Now.”…

But my friends, when you truly embrace the message of the Cross, you will be persecuted simply because people who do not wish to deal with their sin cannot tolerate the Word of God or the people of God. Loyalty to Christ and His message of the Cross causes conflict with the enemies of Christ and the Cross. So, contrary to much of modern Theology, if you are planning to make the much needed stand for Truth in these last days, learn to expect opposition and persecution.

Our Salvation began with God. Our Sanctification began with God; and God is more than able to keep us through all our trials, tests, tribulations, and yes, even persecutions… Rather than concerning ourselves with self-preservation, let us confidently place our very lives in the hands of the Lord, knowing that He will care for us and bring us through into His glorious victory…….

1 Peter 4:19

19 Wherefore let them who suffer according to the Will of God (it really doesn’t matter what we have to go through in order to live for God, the end result will be worth it a million times over) commit the keeping of their souls to Him in well doing (victory is assured if we continue to look to the Cross), as unto a Faithful Creator. (This means God hasn’t created an insufficient Salvation. He has created a Way through the Death of Christ that guarantees victory, if we will only follow that Way.)

Swaggart, Jimmy: The Expositor’s Study Bible. Baton Rouge, LA : World Evangelism Press, 2005, S. 2160

Monday, March 21, 2011

Some Nuggets From My Facebook Page

working on a new series about "How David treated Saul as opposed to How Absalom Moved against David."

The Absalom spirit always tries to draw the hearts of the people from established (by God) leadership by saying "If I were judging over the people, I would do better". This is so sadly evident in churches today.

Working on a new message called "How Well Do You Take Correction?". One of the hardest things for a pastor to deal with is when people do not listen to Godly counsel from the word of God. Many who claim to be teachable show differently when you challenge a direction they are going or a claim they make. This will be a controversial message.

one of the qualifications for the minister in 1 Timothy 3 is to be 'vigilant'. Vigilant in the Greek is 'nephalion' and means "to be calm, dispassionate, and circumspect." "Wise caution" may be included. This tells us that the call on ones life will prevent them from crying, whining, complaining, and getting upset every time someone opposes them. Look to Christ Crucified.......

Pastors, beware of people who come in and right away can see "better ways" that you could run things.. If God has given you a vision; run it strong. Do not cowtow.

The church needs no more superficial "10 step guides" that skims above the surface of thought and satisfaction and victory..... The deep things of God is the message of the Cross and that will promote real change in your life.

I have no interest in a watered down Gospel or a seeker-driven pragmatism of the modern church growth movement......... Just give me the Word, The Blood, and the power of the Holy Spirit... Give me the message of the Cross..... Just give me JESUS...............................

when I was first saved (1981) some of the qualities the Holy Spirit gave birth to were: 1-When you say something; mean it.. 2- when you commit to something; follow through and 3- if you give your word; keep it... Folks, all these years later, the Holy Spirit has not changed... . these are qualities from the word...

The main message of the church is not to be ' We're a nice, pretty place; you'll like us.' Rather the message should be ' This is a Holy place where sin is despised and if you will embrace Jesus Christ and Him Crucified, you will have victory over sin.'

The day will probably start out like any other; business as usual on planet earth. But then, as jagged forks of lightning rip through the eastern sky; a trumpet will sound in the heavens and we will be translated in the twinkling of an eye. Meeting Jesus in the air... Its gonna happen; ready or not......

Cross Chapel 3-6-2011 "The Cross and Unity" clip 1

Cross Chapel 3-6-2011 "The Cross and Unity" clip 2

Cross Chapel 3-6-2011 "The Cross and Unity" clip 3