Tuesday, March 24, 2009


There are rewards for walking in the ways of God. But, in order to WALK in His ways, you need to KNOW His ways. There are five basic categories of the ways of God in the New Testament:

1. Walk in faith
2. Walk in love
3. Walk in light
4. Walk in the Spirit
5. Walk in fellowship

I really want to concentrate on the WAY OF FAITH. Blessed is the man that walks in the ways of the Lord! One benefit of walking in the ways of God is that you will PROSPER in all you do. If you walk in the counsel of the ungodly, you will be COMPROMISING. What is compromise? One definition is "spiritual erosion." It is the erosion of good intentions.

No one sets out deliberately to compromise. All of us have good intentions where the Word is concerned. We hear the Word and decide to walk in it, but sometimes our good intentions are eroded.

The way of faith causes you to go forward in life. The way of compromise causes you to go backwards. The way of faith enables you to remain patient and endure to the end - cleaving to, trusting in, and relying upon God to see you through. Those who have chosen the way of compromise end up drawing back, quitting, and turning their backs on God's Word.

The way of compromise "seems right" and "appears straight," but notice the outcome is DEFEAT AND DESTRUCTION." It produces undesirable fruit in one's life, and it always appears to be justifiable. Jesus illustrates in His teachings that to choose the way of compromise is to choose the way of the FOOL, and to choose the way of faith is to choose the way of the WISE.


The only way you can go forward in a world that is going backwards is to walk in the ways of God! Walk by faith and not by sight. Even though it seems that the way of faith is the "hard way," it is the way to victory! Even though standing in faith takes longer sometimes, it is God's way. It will have lasting rewards! CHOOSE THE WAY OF FAITH!

Today's Scriptures: Psalm 1; Jeremiah 7:23,24

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