Friday, January 29, 2010

Last Days Prophecies part 1

The Word Of God; The Bible, has many things to say about the Last Days. From time to time, I am going to be coming on the blog with one or more prophecies from Scripture as it regards the Last days. Many of these prophecies will not climax until the Tribulation period but there are many we are seeing the early stages of fulfillment right now....

1)The Bible is clear that in the last days there will be False Bible teachers that will bring in heresies. They will have many followers, and also cause many to reject God's Word. One scripture that foretells this; there are many, is 2 Peter 2:1-2.
These false prophets will be money hungry, smooth talkers 2 Peter 2:3. A huge number of today's TV preachers are prime examples of this. Regrettably, most of this comes from the so called word of faith movement. It is not true Bible faith. True Bible faith is Faith in Christ and Him Crucified. Most of today's word of faith movement twists and perverts the scripture, uses misleading words, in order to make merchandise of you. Also the vast majority of the modern day prophetic movement also falls under the category of "false teachers".
You would do well to beware of anyone who puts experiences above the word of God. Anyone who claims visits from female angels every other day; (any day for that matter) is being mislead by dark forces. ( There are no female angels in the word).
The verses that they use to justify this from the book of Zech. refers to evil; not to female angels of God.
Any preacher or teacher who says that the blood does not atone, you need to run from that preacher/teacher like you would run from a poisonous snake; for that is really what they are.
Anyone that denies the Cross, the Holy Spirit or the Power of God can not be trusted in these last days. Stay away from any minister that teaches the Jesus died spiritually doctrine for it will surely lead you into more darkness. Put your faith exclusively in the finished work of Jesus upon the Cross and keep your faith there.

There is so much more that I could bring forth on this but I think you all get the point. Please keep watching for the next last days prophecy that we will list. God bless you all. KEEP YOUR FAITH IN CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIED.........

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