Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I have just finished reading this book and it brought great conviction to my heart.
Sometimes I don't think that the American church has a clue as to what our brothers and sisters in Jesus have to endure in most parts of our world today.
I must admit that at times while reading the story of Brother Yun, my cheeks burned with shame. While great portions of the western church listens to its messages on 3 steps to a better personality or 5 steps to prosperity, Christians around the world are suffering greatly for their faith and yet will not compromise the true message of the cross of Jesus Christ.

I highly recommend that every single Christian read this book. Someday, a taste of the rest of the world may come to the shores of America and we are not ready for it, believe you me.

This astounding report of a Chinese believer will stir your soul and penetrate your heart.
Brother Yun endured great persecution and hardships at the hands of the Chinese government.
One Evangelist said that reading this book was like reading something from the book of Acts. The Lord so faithfully provides for His true servants.

Again, let me strongly encourage you to read this powerful book that brings glory to Jesus Christ.
We will be stocking a limited number of these books for a short time and you can e-mail me as to how you can secure your copy. They are also available at your local christian bookstore.

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