Monday, April 21, 2008


The Lord gave me this message " The Humble Will Hear The Song Of Your Life."  as a word of encouragement to those whom the devil has tried to put under condemnation and bondage. 

In these last days, it is very important for us to walk in the reality of who we are in Christ Jesus. Do not let satan lie to you and bring up your past against you. If you are washed in the Blood of Jesus then you are made the righteousness of God, in Christ.

Please, whatever you do, you owe it to yourself to obtain a copy of this message for yourself, and you should seriously consider purchasing several copies for family and friends. This is truly a life changing message; not because I preached it, but because God gave me this word to see many people set free by the power of the Cross.

The audio on track 2 is lower that it is on track 1 so you will have to turn up your player on track 2.

You may obtain this message as follows: 1-5 copies= $3 each; 6 copies or more=$2 each.
At those prices, why not obtain several today.

  In His Service,
      Rev. Len Paxton     

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